Monday, 20 August 2012

What Women Wants

What is it that women wants? A question asked by men, for as long as there's been men and women.
I believe a man who doesn't have to ask this question is already ahead of the game.

Women are not all cut from the same cloth, we all have different wants and needs, Yes, we women are complex beings, things that mean the world to us today, may no longer be relevant tomorrow.

We may be changeable and emotional but really, not as mysterious as men seem to think we are. Most women love to feel wanted, appreciated and loved, they like someone who can make them laugh, give support when needed. All-in-all, not so very different from what most men wants.

The difference between Men and Women

The difference; is in how well we responds to these needs in each other. However, a limited-edition sports car, a round-the-world holiday trip or an expensive beach front home won't hurt. Throw in a Gucci, Chanel or Louis Vuitton handbag, and you have a friend for life, but that's enough about me.
The role of  the woman has changed dramatically in the last few decades.

While this is good news for all women, most men are left confused and somewhat bemused, no longer sure where they now fit in the greater scheme of things. However, as a new generation of men emerges, who are born into this new society, maybe there will be more understanding and cooperation and less feelings of emasculation between the sexes, As women and mothers of both boys and girls we are ideally placed to educate our children about their role in life.

Men and Women

Some woman wants a traditional man, a true gentleman who will bring her flowers, open doors for her, give up his seat if a woman is standing, open the car door for her and do not swear in her presence, (unfortunately some modern women swear like a seasoned sailor), but you get the gist.
 On the other hand, there are women who take great offence to having a man perform these simple courtesies for them. The result, men are confused and unsure about what women wants.

The Modern Women

The modern woman has much more freedom, choices and the power to choose how to live her life. More women are choosing not to have children or to have them later in life, going into higher management or running their own successful businesses. Women no longer feel tied o the kitchen sink, depending on her man for her very existence, those who stay home to nurture their children do so as a matter of choice. However, there are those who would return to the old ways, a discussion for another article I think.
Many mums who choose to stay at home often also run small businesses from home.

An online business is ideal, and understandable very popular among a large numbers of stay at home mums. Some writes e-books on subjects as varied as diet and exercises to gardening and how to start a small business.Today's women are able to work and earn real money, in some cases much more than their partners.
 Women have gained a sense of independence previously enjoyed mostly by the male of the species. With this new independence, comes a change in attitude which can have far reaching consequences for men women and society as a whole.
The answer to what women wants? I can only say what this woman want, health, happiness, joy, peace and much love.

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